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Desktop Stands » MÜS 25*56 - Desktop Promotion Stand 25x56

Desktop Promotion Stand 25x56



    Campaign Item

  • Product Code
    MÜS 25*56
  • Product Name
    Desktop Promotion Stand 25x56
  • Color
  • Material
    PP, PVC
  • Price
    5,30 $ 7,41 $
  • Graphic Print Price
    10,00 $
  • Quantity
  • Subtotal Price
    5,30 $
  • Total Price
    5,30 $

Desktop stand is very suitable for displaying your products, which should be in sight. Any kind of product with an appropriate size can be displayed by hanging along with packaging.

Stand on the table slip. Turn on its axis. Although it uses less space on the table, thanks to the swivel stand, it allows more products to be displayed.

Transparent glass-fronted section cover can be opened on the desktop stand. Thus, this part of your product is in the main display. If you want, a visual cardboard or digital print can be used in this section.

There are 12 pieces of steel wire hangers on the stand. Slings made of steel spring wire, and protected against corrosion by a black-static painting. Steel strap width of 3 cm. length 10 cm.

Body of product is made from PS material, carrier base and top are made of transparent PVC . This makes it extremely durable.

Product Size
Width 250 mm
Depth 250 mm
Height 560 mm
Weight 1.02 kg
Package Size
Package Width 260 mm
Package Depth 260 mm
Package Height 590 mm
Package Weight 1.52 kg

Technical Information

Stand upper, lower and middle part is made of the PS material, and the carriage body and the upper transparent portion has been made of PVC.

Spring wire suspension parts are made of steel . Static paint is used to prevent corrosion.

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